Equipment Infrastructure for Stampings:

45Ton Mechanical press- 2nos
70 Ton Mechanical press- 1No
80 Ton Mechanical press- 1nos
120Ton Mechanical press with Die cushion- 1no
150Ton Hydraulic Press- 1no
45Ton Pneumatic Power Press(Imported)- 4Nos
63Ton Pneumatic Power Press(Imported)- 2Nos
110Ton Pneumatic Power Press(Imported)- 2Nos
160Ton Pneumatic Power Press(Imported)- 2Nos
250Ton Pneumatic Power Press (Imported)- 1No
Shearing machine upto 12mmx2500mm thickness(Imported)- 1No
Auto Feeder(coil capacity upto 1ton)- 1No
Welding machine- 2Nos
Robot Welding Machine- Panasonic-1no

Equipment Infrastructure For Castings:

Induction Furnace- 200Kgs melting per hour- 1No
Electric Furnace- 160Kgs Capacity- 1no
Auto Gravity Casting Machine (450×450)- 1No
Shell Core Shooting Machine(600×450)- 1No
Auto Drill & Tap Machine- 2Nos
Shot Blasting Machine(150Kgs)- 1No

Equipment Infrastructure For Toolings:

Hass Vertical machining Centre(VMC)- 1No
Wire Cut EDM Machine- 1No
Spark EDM Machine- 1No
Surface Grinding Machine- 3Nos
MNTR Milling Machine- 1No
Surface Grinding- 3Nos
Milling Machine-1no
Shaping Machine-1No



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